One Year Warranty Inspections

What is a One Year Warranty Inspection?

As you know, home builders offer a one year warranty on a newly built home. If you discover anything amiss in your home over that first year, you simply call the warranty department and they send someone out to correct it. Once that year is over, the coverage no longer applies. Simply put, a warranty inspection is the very same thing as a residential home inspection but it’s completed just prior to the one year anniversary of the closing of your home.

Why would I need this inspection only one year after the new home inspection?

One word – “Usage”. Many aspects of a new home inspection rely on the visible appearance. In a new home we aren’t able to inspect the usage as we can in an existing / used home. A good example is the roof. We can look at the roof and assure that it meets all design requirements. We can check the look of the shingles and flashing and see that it has been built correctly. However, nothing tests a roof as well as rain and wind. A window may pass all visible measures but then after several months of rain we may discover a leak caused by a non-visible defect in the flashing or window structure itself. Another area is the drainage of the yard. It may appear correct but after going through a few months of Texas weather we can see how the yard is actually draining. Finally, after a few months of our Texas heat, we are able to determine if the air conditioner is truly equally cooling all areas of the house.

This inspection is valuable in assuring you have your builder correct any defects prior to the end of the warranty.

Filled in foundation
Filled in foundation
Pipes underneath foundation